Beyond Your Block (BYB) is an innovative program founded by entertainer and philanthropist Red Grant, who hails from Washington, D.C. and his wife, Noell Grant, a retired police officer. inspired by Red’s own upbringing in Southeast D.C. and the strategies his mother used to guide him on the right path and introduce him to diverse cultures. Noell draws from her own experiences working with youth at the Police Activities League (PAL) where she was challenged with fostering the relationship between youth and police. BYB is the thoughtful culmination of Rodney’s personal experience as a D.C. at-risk youth paired and analyzed against Noell’s 25 year career in law enforcement primarily focused on youth services. BYB operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Beyond Your Block offers a safe and nurturing environment that fosters skill development and self-esteem, empowering young people to unlock their full potential. BYB mission is to develop career ready youth and provide students with the unique opportunity to explore the many layers of diverse cultures through education, arts, professional experiences, cultural, recreational and outreach programs which result in each youth participant receiving access to powerful capacity building information. BYB focuses on under-served youth, while providing them with significant exposure opportunities beyond the ones readily available in their neighborhoods. Young people are exposed to the principles of social-awareness and self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, financial education and relationship skills. 


Beyond Your Block exists to ensure that every kid has the opportunity to expand their horizons by transcending their boundaries outside of their neighborhood. By doing so we aim to ignite their curiosity, stimulate creativity, foster critical thinking, enhance physical and mental wellbeing, boost self confidence and independence, nurture social and emotional skills, and ultimately improve their academic performance. 


We seek to further establish Beyond Your Block as a community leader and resource for all youth. 

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